According to President Buhari, 12 million children in the country have been traumatized and are frightened to attend to school because of the high prevalence of kidnapping.

On Tuesday, October 26, the President announced this at the launch of the Safe School Programme in Abuja.

The President, who was represented at the ceremony by his Chief of Staff, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, also stated that dealing with security concerns in the country had been difficult.

“Kidnappings, abductions of pupils/students, increased insurgent operations, and general insecurity in our schools have exacerbated numerous causes contributing to the rising number of out-of-school children.”

It’s upsetting to see that even after abducted pupils are released, the trauma of the events stays with them for a long time; thus, the plan to train teachers in psycho-social support.

More than 12 million youngsters, particularly girls, are currently traumatized and fearful of coming to school.

I must admit that coping with these security concerns and their consequences has been difficult. Our faith in the country will not be shaken in the future. In order to improve the security of educational institutions, we have been strong, determined, and resilient.

Allow me to share with you a study produced by S.B Morgen, which stated that a total of 1,462 learners and education professionals were abducted in school-related abductions, as well as home and community-related abductions of learners and teachers, between December 1, 2019 and September 20, 2021.

These kidnappings have claimed the lives of 17 teachers and students. On the other hand, for pupils now in school, the terror and stress of having their classmates and friends attacked has had a severe influence on the quality of their education, as concentration and attention span for learning have deteriorated in such circumstances.”