The word “insect” and “eat” seem to be the one of the most unlikeliest to find together in a sentence, although millions of people around the world are already making sumptuous meals out of these creatures from time immemorial, it still appears that there are still other hundred of millions of people who are yet to discover the how much of a delicacy some of these insects could be. So, we bring to you our top 5 of the many edible insects and we hope you try them out.

  1. Crickets

Crickets have been identified as a good source of iron, protein and vitamin B-12. They can be fried, roasted or stir-fried, whichever way you choose to prepare it, just know that you are one of the many consumers of the nourishing insects.

  1. Termites

Rich in amino acid, termites are widely consumed in various parts of the world for it’s delicious taste and high concentration of protein. Just like the many other edible insects, termites have been proven to be free from any form of harmful substance. In addition, consuming termites is actually another interesting way to control them. So the next time you find yourself in a termite infested environment, you have our go ahead to help yourself to some nice snacks.

  1. Grasshoppers

Proven to be high in protein, grasshoppers are also one of the most consumed insects. Rid the grasshopper of its limbs and roast, there you have yourself a nice snack. You might also consider coating it with your favorite sauce to add to the fun.

  1. Bees

Bees do not only have sweet honey to bless mankind with, they also offer themselves as nutritious and delicious delicacies, especially at the larvae stage. Mature bees are rarely eaten but the larvae taste fatty and buttery, given the sweet nature of honey. You might like to add bee hunting to your bucket list this year, but hey! When the bees come stinging you, kindly take the pain in love.

  1. Locust

Locusts are easy to find and easy to catch. Known to be wreckers of havoc to farmland, you might consider eating locusts in an effort to help farmers eradicate their menace, you would not just be depopulating locusts, you will also be adding some good protein to your body while you enjoy the delicious taste.

There you have it, our top 5 sumptuous insects.

Do let us know which one of these insect snacks you would be trying out first. Bon appetite.