Justus Mogekwu, the Anglican Bishop of Asaba Diocese, has urged Nigerian churches to require parishioners to show their PVCs before participating in religious activities such as receiving holy communion.

He stated that it is the responsibility of Christians to “enthrone” good leaders through voting.

“Christians must actively participate in politics in order to enshrine good governance at all levels. The people rejoice when righteous men who fear God are in power “Mr. Mogekwu stated this during a sermon on Sunday, November 14.

“Pastors should ensure their members get their PVCs before taking communion and doing other worship services in the household of God,” he added.

“As communion is important to us as Christians, which makes us healthy, spirit-filled, and very strong,” he continued, “so is communion with the PVC, which makes us enthrone good governance at any level.”

Mr Mogekwu then entrusted the upcoming elections to God, praying for good leaders who will move Delta State and Nigeria forward.

Similarly, the Delta branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) demanded that churchgoers obtain a Permanent Voters Card before attending church.

Kofa Ithanasius, the CAN chairman of the Patani local government area, made this known.

The clergyman went on to say that Christians who refused to vote during the election had committed a sin, and that children of God should not complain or murmur when evil men are in power.