Two newly mobilized corps members from Benue State, as well as two others, have been kidnapped in Zamfara State, according to reports.

The four victims were allegedly kidnapped on Tuesday in Zamfara State’s Tsafe Local Government Area.

Joseph Zaaka Aondona, Sedoo Gundu, Jennifer Awashima Iorliam, and Sechivir are the kidnapped victims.

When the vehicle was intercepted by bandits in Zamfara State, the eight passengers were claimed to be traveling on Benue Links (a bus belonging to the Benue State transport firm).

Jennifer Awashima Iorliam, a graduate of Benue State University, was deployed to Kebbi State for her one-year required National Youth Service Corps scheme when the car she boarded from Makurdi was intercepted by bandits, according to Sember Iorliam, an elder sister of one of the fatalities.

“I was told there were eight passengers in the van, including the driver, but four persons, including the driver, escaped,” she claimed.

“They phoned me through my sister’s phone this morning (Thursday) and demanded N2m from each of the victims, and they said that was the last.” We were able to reach the motorist after the incident, and he stated that he had reported the incident to the police.

“We went to the park (Benue Links Park) and they confirmed that one of their vehicles had been intercepted and promised to come back to us, but they have yet to do so (4:35 p.m.).

“Two of those kidnapped, a male and a female, were on their way to NYSC orientation, another female kidnapped is a student of Uthman Dan Fodio University in Sokoto, and the other girl is visiting relatives in Benue.”

When contacted by phone, Martina Iorchir, the organization’s spokesperson, said she was on leave and couldn’t comment on the incident.

“I’m driving and won’t be able to answer your question since I’m on leave,” she said as she slammed the phone down on our journalist.

Alexander Shaapera, the Commissioner of Works and Transportation, stated that she was unable to contact the organization’s General Manager via phone.

“I tried calling her (GM’s) phone, but she didn’t answer,” the Commissioner explained.