Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a well-known Islamic scholar, has cautioned that if bandits are declared terrorists, international jihadists will flock to the country, stating that this development will come at a cost.

He also urged priests to converse with Yoruba rights leader Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, and the Indigenous People of Biafra in the same way that he converses with robbers.

Gumi, who is known to have connections with bandits, had previously requested that the federal government grant them amnesty.

Gumi said there would be grave consequences if the government proclaimed bandits to be militants, in a message posted on his Facebook page on Sunday, in response to recent calls for the government to designate bandits to be terrorists.

“The deeds the Bandits are conducting now in NW have gradually over time become comparable to terrorism because when innocent people are deadly victims it’s pure terrorism,” the cleric added, stressing that the bandits’ terrorism brand will attract certain unemployed youngsters.

“However, nowadays, innocence is relative. We agreed that if their children and women are killed as well, they are culpable by association or collateral damage, and the bandits may believe the same. It is acceptable for vigilantes to lynch Fulani herders or anyone who looks like them based on their appearance, but it is unacceptable for the herdsmen to ransack villages in retaliation. They are persuaded that it is an existential war, and that in war, ethics are tossed to the wind.

“Once again, the sole advantage Bandits have is that no one else is enticed to join them in the NW due of its ethnic tone and hue. However, as soon as they are labeled terrorists – or Islamic terrorists, for that matter — direct international Jihadist movements will emerge. And it’s possible that a large number of unemployed adolescents may find it appealing.

“Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and brandishing an AK47 against a’secular’ immoral society where impunity rules is a magnet for radicals and the underprivileged — the majority of our youth.” These terrorist organizations are already battling for the souls of the bandits.

“This will give criminality a spiritual cover and erase the stigma of being associated with such atrocities, since they will claim to be fighting a ‘Jihad.'” Is the greater society -as it is- morally strong enough to fight back in such a situation? This is the most likely outcome, and the cost is not justified. Nothing stops the kinetic actions from continuing without a semantics debate.

“This craziness has already wreaked havoc on New England and continues to do so. NW will be in ruins sooner rather than later if we allow terror to infiltrate these naive, unexposed outlaws.

IPOB is already devastating SE, and Igboho has started a chain reaction in SW. It’s a terrific recipe for people who wish to destroy the Northwest. Transform thieves into religious fanatics. So, tell me, what’s left of Nigeria?”

Gumi stated that he had begun to free the bandits from their “misadventure,” but that he had encountered few allies and a “mountain of opponents.”