Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, claims that he has more credibility on Nigerian security issues than foreign news organizations such as CNN and The Economist.

At a press conference in his office, the minister criticized both media outlets’ reports.

He claimed that the Economist and CNN had published false information about the country in the past.

“Why do you have to repeat what CNN says as if it’s true?” The minister stated, “Whatever (The) Economist says must be true.” “As a Nigerian, the situation I encountered in 2015 is not the same as it is now.”

Mohammed claimed that The Economist’s recent issue, which highlighted Nigeria’s major challenges, was similar to the United States’ 2020 annual report on human rights, which he claimed was incorrect. The report in the London magazine, he said, was a deliberate attempt to divide Nigeria.

“When CNN published an inaccurate report, we called them out.” “Why would we join forces with others to demolish our home?” the minister inquired.

“Why do you want to join hands with people who only want to sell their arms by demonizing the military?” he continued.

The Nigerian Army, according to The Economist, is “filled with corrupt generals and unable to protect the country from mutating violence.”

Nigeria’s army appears to be formidable on paper, according to the London publication.

“However, many of its soldiers are ‘ghosts,’ who exist solely for the purpose of paying the bills, and much of its equipment is stolen and sold to insurgents.”

In an extensive report on Nigeria, The Economist claimed that the country’s insecurity was due to military chiefs plundering much of the country’s combat resources, leaving the rest stretched thin with little capacity to prevent the crisis.