Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria ranks 103rd (with 45 points) on the Henley Passport Index ranking of the world’s most powerful passports, with Burundi and the Republic of Congo taking the 97th and 100th spots, respectively.

The Henley Passport Index, which has been published since 2006, is based on data gathered only from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which contains the world’s most extensive and accurate travel statistics.

Japan and Singapore are in first place with a score of 192, followed by Germany and South Korea with a score of 190, and Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain in third place with a score of 189.

Afghanistan has the worst passport in the world, with only 26 nations accessible to its holders, followed by Iraq, Syria, 29 countries, Pakistan, 31 countries, and Yemen, 33 countries.

Ghana is considerably ahead of Nigeria in the rating, which is based on the most travel-friendly passports around the world. Ghana is ranked 84th. The most recent issue was released on October 5th.

Seychelles, which is ranked 29th in the globe, is followed by Mauritius, which is ranked 33rd, and South Africa, which is ranked 58th overall. Nigeria, which is tied with Ethiopia for 104th place, outperforms African countries such as South Sudan, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 106th place, Sudan, 107th place, Libya, 108th place, and Somalia, 111th place.

Nigeria was ranked 101st on the Henley Passport Index’s July issue, beating out Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia.

The most recent report also shows that the Nigerian passport is less valued than it was in 2013, before Muhammadu Buhari became president, when the country was rated 78 in the world, ahead of Congo and Burundi, both of which were in the bottom 10 at the time.