Chisom, also known as Mikky Miguel, a Nigerian guy, died in Indonesia after allegedly being poisoned by a friend.

According to Prince Ebukason Victor, who revealed this in a Facebook post on Monday, October 18.

“What a Wicked Word, he just buried his Father a few months ago, and now they’ve poisoned him in Indonesia. Some people have the mentality to take a life that you haven’t given. What will you gain by killing someone who did nothing to you out of envy, and then poisoning him to terminate his life in the middle? Guys, be careful who you hang out with. Not everyone who calls you blood or laughs with you is genuine; some are evil.
Mikky, May your soul find rest.”
he penned

Meanwhile, friends have rushed to social media to express their condolences for the deceased and to denounce his assailant. Mikky was characterized as an angel in human form.