Evangelist Esther Bamiloye, now Mrs Bakare, has revealed that she recently married at the age of 55 while still a virgin.

The lady married for the first time to Isaac Bakare, a 62-year-old artisan who has also never been married.

In an interview with Punch, the woman revealed that “the devil had plans to keep her from marrying because when she felt she was ready, no man came for her.”

She also revealed that she believed the problem stemmed from her previous church, but that God fixed it for her in her “new church, and all the barriers were removed.”

“The devil had plans to keep me from marrying,” Esther explained. There was no man waiting for me when I felt I was ready. I waited for a miracle from God until I was 55 years old. I never dated anyone before getting married. Initially, I thought the problem was with my former church, so I left, but I give God the glory. He did it in my new church for me, and all of the barriers were removed.

She was asked if there was any pressure, and she replied;

Because of my deep faith, belief, and focus on Christ Jesus, I was able to withstand all of the pressure. Specifically, God provided me with grace, dedication, and assistance from various sources, which sustained me throughout.

Consider someone of that age not having a husband, which is something I consciously avoid. Many days were spent weeping and pleading with God for mercy. But I am happy today because, as bad as the illness was, I was still able to accomplish a lot in other areas of my life.

Esther went on to say that she never gave up hope and ended up marrying as a virgin. She stated;

No, not at all. But, at some point, I became overwhelmed. I was only able to keep going because of God’s grace. I had never met a man before marrying my husband. I married while still a virgin.

She described how she met her husband as follows:

For over three years, God had been revealing his image and personality to me, as well as speaking to me about him through various people. God sent the message again through a prophet on the day it had been three years since I first received the revelation.”