Dr Gabriel Othong, the Returning Officer for Anambra’s Idemili South Local Government Area, said that 41 of the 42 result sheets for 89 polling units were carted away.

On Sunday in Akwa, Othong, a graduate of the University of Calabar, made the revelation while submitting results for the area in the Anambra governorship election.

The Returning Officer claimed that the Supervising Polling Officer (SPO) assigned to the area carted away the affected areas’ result sheets.

According to him, no election was held in Oba Ward I, Oba Ward II, or Akukwu Ward, all of which are located in the state’s Idemili South Local Government Area.

“One of the SPOs carted 41 of the 42 result sheets intended for the 89 polling units in the affected wards.

“As a result of the development, over 40,000 voters were unable to vote in the affected areas,” he said.

Due to gunshots, some polling units did not receive electoral officials, according to the Returning Officer.

Chief Where Obiakor, an agent for the All Progressives Congress (APC), said elections were held in those areas but the results were not tallied.

However, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) collation agent, Dr. Alex Obiogbolu, refuted the APC agent’s claim, claiming that no election was held in any of the affected areas.

Senator Victor Umeh of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) agreed with Obiogbolu, claiming that no election had been held in the area.

Meanwhile, the top three political parties in Idemili South LGA were APC with 1,036, APGA with 2,312 and PDP with 2,016 votes.

There are 112,652 registered voters in the LGA, but only 6,622 are accredited.